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If renting a dumpster almost everything is accepted however hazardous materials such as oils and paint can't go in. Additionally, mattress's, appliances, 55 gal drums, sofa/recliners, and tires all incur an additional a $25 fee for each item. 

Junk Removal Made Simple

  • Text a picture of your junk pile to 206.XLG.MIKE to get a quote and schedule a time

  • Put everything in your driveway for a no contact pickup 

  • Smile and wave as Big Mike takes your junk away!

Junk Removal Seattle

Michael Marian has been around construction and equipment his entire life. From being on job sites of his dad’s at an early age, the trades were always calling. The recent shutdown presented an opportunity to utilize a little dump truck already owned, affectionally named “The Terminator”. Demand and pricing have driven growth and a little side hustle has turned into a serious operation. Give us a call, speak directly with the owner, and support local. You won’t regret it, and we’ll take care of you.

​We service anywhere in the 206 area code. Surrounding area codes inquire for availability.

Truck n Dump we offer an array of services. Our foremost specialization is Junk Removal in Seattle. We work to remove junk in Seattle proper and the surrounding metro areas. Junk removal in Seattle is what we made our name off and with that comes years of experience in the industry. If you’re looking for the right junk removal company in Seattle you have come to the right place. We can handle just about any type of junk removal in Seattle with the exception of hazardous waste. Please call 206-BIG-MIKE and we will be out there to give you a free quote. In the meantime feel free to read about the list of services we offer below. Until then, we wish you a blessed day!


Household Debris: when it comes to your house it can get really cluttered with all the things that people are buying while they don’t get rid of their old things. Now people don’t end up getting rid of their old things because it is not so easy to do so. You can try to go to goodwill to donate your things or take them to the dump, but that ends up just becoming a huge headache. Now instead of trying to borrow someone’s pickup or use your own to make many trips and waste many hours, that’s where you call us. We’ll make your Seattle junk removal process very simple. All you have to do is throw it into one giant pile in your yard and we’ll come by with our dumpster and be out of there within a couple hours. You don’t have to worry about any dump fees or anything, it’s all included in the one price you pay. Whatever you need whether it be general household trash, appliances, furniture, or just anything random from your garage we can handle it. Call us today at 206-BIG-MIKE and we’ll take care of you. 

Construction Debris Cleanup: Now there may be many situations where you need us to remove construction debris. You may be a homeowner just doing a simple kitchen remodel, a house flipper doing a whole entire reno, a house or apartment builder just finishing up a recent development, or a commercial contractor building huge warehouses and facilities. Whatever it may be, you don’t want to be the person that has to deal with big massive headache of a junk pile. That’s where you call us here at Big Mikes Truck n Dump. There is no size of cleanup or materiel (with the exception of any hazardous materials) that we can’t handle. So if you’re looking to save time and money, go ahead and give us a call at 206-BIG-MIKE and we’ll take care of you! 


Bulk and Dense Materials: perhaps you’re a landscaper, or a homeowner that just redid their yard. Just like construction and regular household junk, bulk and dense materials need to be removed as well. These types of materials include dirt, pavers, concrete, or big heavy rocks. We understand how painstaking it can be to get rid of big and heavy materials such as these. If you need any of this hauled away please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 206-BIG-MIKE.

Dumpster Rental: Here at big Mikes Truck n Dump we offer many types of junk removal services, but in addition to that we offer dumpster rental. The typical Customer we get is usually someone who is looking to get their junk pile they already have ready to be removed. Others may be the type to need more time to decide what they need to throw away or they are an establishment that is constantly trashing of items and needs a regular place to store that junk. This is where our dumpster rental service comes in handy. This is perfect for active construction sites, roofing companies, industrial areas, and more. We offer dumpsters that you can rent for a fixed monthly rate that will save you money as opposed to other options. We also come by and regularly and empty them and you have much more reign of what you can throw away compared to the trash company.